Dabney Kennedy addresses NOAC

Legacy of Servant Leadership Award Presented

Dabney Kennedy has spent six decades committed to Scouting and its ideals and this year the Order of the Arrow will be presenting him with the third-ever Legacy of Servant Leadership Lifetime Achievement Award.

OA Distinguished Service Award

39 Arrowmen Honored with the Distinguished Service

This year, 39 Arrowmen were presented with the Distinguished Service Award at a dinner before the History and Recognition Show which honors them for outstanding service to the Order on a sectional, area, regional, or national basis.

Red Arrow Award

Fujimoto Receives Red Arrow Award

On Sunday, Irene Fujimoto of Tempe, Arizona, was presented with the highest award the Order of the Arrow bestows on non-Scouters or Scouters who are not members of the Order of the Arrow.

Dancers wait their turn

Dancers and Singers Compete for Honors

Dancing and Singing teams from across the nation compete at NOAC, to determine the top teams in The Order.

Daily Features

Arrowmen Meet the National Officers

At "Meet the Man" sessions participants ask questions of the Order's leadership. Officers answer truthfully and candidly. See what Arrowmen want to know.

Fads Fade: Values Last Forever

The Sunday evening show showed Scouting and society through the last century pointing out the fads that had faded and the values that have lasted.  National recognition awards were presented and Chief Scout Executive addressed all conference attendees.

Intense Training for Ceremonies Offered

Ceremonies teams are evaluated and intense training is offered to help the inductions processes within local lodges.

Do It at TOAP

Do you like the outdoors, monkey bridges, camping, rock climbing, or learning new scout skills? TOAP is a utopia for the adventurous Scout with a passion for fun.

Preschool Triathlon Headlines Daily Competitions

NOAC is not just all about training, it is an event where participants have the opportunity to exercise their minds and bodies. The Preschool Triathlon offers a three-day competition for the active Arrowman.

Brotherhood in Patch Trading

Patch trading fills shady spots and open areas all over the MSU Campus as traders seek out new collectable NOAC-edition lodge patches.  The interaction often results in brotherhood as Arrowmen meet other Arrowmen in the pursuit of patches.

Arrowmen Recognize Artist Greg Perillo

Much like the Meet the Man Sessions, Meet the Artist allows participants to ask questions of the artist who designed the NOAC patch.

Brothers Harmonize at NOAC

Spanning 50 years the Brotherhood Chorus has performed at National Conferences and grown to 100-plus Arrowmen.

Lodges Show Off Their History To The Nation

Over 55 lodges from across the nation entered the lodge history display competition and in doing so put up a wide variety of displays.

Sailing The Shores Of Lake Lansing

Around 40 Arrowmen had the chance this morning to learn how to sail small sail boats off the shores of Lake Lansing.

Training At NOAC Raises The Bar

The training at NOAC this year is better than ever, and you cant help but learn something to help you in life.

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