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iPod NanoWhat is podcasting you might ask? Podcasting is "radio-on-demand" for distribution over the internet. Podcasting has created the ability for anyone in the world to create a radio show with very little capital investment and distribute it among thousands of other podcasts out on the internet.

With podcasting you can subscribe to an audio feed which will automatically download new content to your computer when it is available. Once the content is downloaded, you can listen to it on your computer, or sync it to your iPod or favorite portable audio device for listening anywhere you go.

This year at NOAC, the first Official Order of the Arrow podcast will be launched. The podcast will bring home real world recordings of things all over the conference including interviews with key conference committee staff, man on the street interviews, meet the man sessions, and much much more.

If you already have a podcast player, such as iTunes (Windows and Mac) or Juice (Windows, Mac, and Linux), simply enter the following URL into your reader to subscribe to the podcast and start downloading content immediately. (The links to the iTunes and Juice podcast players are off site links. The Official National Order of the Arrow Web Staff does not maintain these web sites nor the podcast players, and is not responsible for its content. Please refer to the help documents provided with these software applications.)

If you do not wish to download and install a podcast reader, or do not have access to one, simply choose the episode you wish to listen to from the list below to download that audio file to your computer.


Revised 8/5/2006

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