American Indian Expo Kicks Off NOAC

Fancy Bustles on DisplayThere is more than one way to look at your "typical" American Indian.  The American Indian Expo, located in Munn Field, was a showcase of many different styles of regalia and customs.  On display were garments from such styles as Grass, Northern Traditional, Straight (Southern Traditional), Old Style, and Fancy.  The “curators” of the exhibition encouraged attending Arrowmen to ask questions about the garments on display and to learn more about crafting their own during this year’s NOAC.

Many of the Arrowmen assisting with the displays showcased their own talents and hard work. Since the value of handmade pieces are measured not only by the materials used, but also by the time put into the pieces.  “You come here to learn the basics,” said Chuck D., one of the Arrowmen who watched the extravagant pieces on display at the Expo.  Many who answered questions were also on the American Indian Affairs (AIA) staff and will teach the basics to Arrowmen during the week.  One instructor mentioned that the training he received at NOAC was the foundation for his work.
American Indian Regalia
Although the Expo ended tonight, there are two other events slated to promote the crafting of American Indian regalia.  On Saturday evening, a "Gathering of Indian Nations" on Munn Field was held where where staff members demonstrated dance and regalia of the different styles.

For the rest of NOAC, the Expo will be housed in the Brody Multipurpose Room, and will feature more interesting American Indian events, including a blowgun.

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