High Adventure Hoopla Welcomes Arrowmen

NOAC has traded its plaid jackets for backpacks, and its "redneck games" for a bigger and better adventure, "High Adventure Hoopla".  All three high adventure bases--Philmont, Northern Tier and Sea Base--are included in the Activities and Recreation Committee's (ARC) new NOAC opening day event.

Flipper Relay Race MaterialsHigh Adventure Hoopla featured eleven smaller events with straightforward titles such as a game of Log Stacking or Match Game.  Others were a little more exotic with titles like Drink of Strength or 'Flipper' Relay Race.  Many of the events had a minimum number of Arrowmen required but the events were set up in such a way that they did not need to be completed all at once.  Lodges could participate as they had a "free minute," like when they were waiting for their Key 3 to finish registering their contingent.

Lodges were encouraged, but not required, to submit their scorecards for the events. The lodges that submitted their scores were eligible to win a trophy for placing first, second or third in the events. The trophies will be presented to the winning lodges on Founders' Day.

OA High Adventure