Your Guide to NOAC: Information Booths

An Information BoothOn a large campus like MSU and with 8,000 other Arrowmen running around, there are bound be at least a few confused Arrowmen with questions like:  Where is my residence hall?  Where am I supposed to eat?  What time does the show start?  And where can I find a bathroom?  Luckily, here at NOAC information booths are conveniently located with trained staff members that are happy to help everyone with their NOAC questions.

Finding Their WayThe information booths are not hard to miss thanks to large signs on their sides and the bustling group of Arrowmen just waiting to provide cheerful service.  Every information booth also has water for anyone who wishes.  If an Arrowmen needs help, the information booths will help them find their residence halls, dining facility, show times, a bathroom or anything else NOAC related.

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