NOAC Participants Begin Their Journey!

Participants ArriveToday was the start of NOAC 2006!  With the Order of the Arrow expecting more than 8,000 Arrowmen from across the country, it is no wonder that this is going to be the biggest NOAC yet.  Around the registration area lodge leaders were registering their contingents in an orderly manner. While the lodge leaders were inside the Breslin Student Events Center, most Arrowmen talked, traded patches, and listened to music from the NOAC radio station "The Arrow".  Even the intense summer heat could not dampen the participants' spirits today as they began their NOAC experience. After registering lodges preceded to an orientation where they were greeted by their respective region Region Orientationchiefs, who gave them an introduction to what to expect this week. Arrowman carrying his bags in a residence hall

Arrowmen, tired from their journey to NOAC and eager for their various training sessions and activities to begin, made the trek from registration at the Breslin Center to the various residence halls on campus.

When asked about moving in Dwayne F., of Chilantakoba Lodge, Southeast Louisiana Council, said "I am ready to get all of my stuff put away, and head to the Opening Show. This is my second NOAC, and I am ready for it to begin."

Moving into the residence halls is a milestone of the NOAC experience for all Arrowmen.  It signifies that NOAC has really begun.

Revised 8/5/2006

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