Trading Posts Open For Business

2006 NOAC BearsThe official NOAC Trading Posts are ready and open for business. This year there are three official onsite NOAC Trading Posts, along with the official online Trading Post where you can conveniently purchase your NOAC essentials. The locations of the three onsite Trading Posts are the main Trading Post at the MSU Union, a satellite store located at "The Experience" in Brody Hall and a satellite store near the OA Museum in Holden Hall.
Among the items you will find at the Trading Posts this year include the traditional NOAC shirts, key chains, and patches along with newer items such as the NOAC bear set. The main Trading Post also is the location of the National Endowment merchandise which includes figurines, coins and prints by artist Gregory Perillo. Participants Shopping
Not to be outdone, the satellite Trading Posts also features items unique to their respective location. At "The Experience" satellite store participants will have the opportunity to purchase some items from the vendors that are participating in "The Experience", while the OA Museum satellite Trading Post will be selling a limited edition OA Museum patch.
Be sure to visit the online Trading Post for all your NOAC merchandise, which can be delivered to your home.

Revised 8/5/2006

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