Welcome from the Web Site Conference Vice Chief

Conference Vice Chief Andy CollinsArrowmen, parents, and friends,

Welcome to the 2006 "NOAC Live!" web site!  With NOAC 2006 well underway at the time I am writing this letter, I am pleased to inform everyone back home that this national conference is the largest in our Order's history. This week we will strive to cover everything at NOAC to encourage Arrowmen to attend future NOACs and other national events.

As the Conference Vice Chief of NOAC Live! it is my honor to lead two dynamic teams which will provide you with timely and accurate information on the NOAC web site twice daily. The teams are visiting the different areas of the conference day and night covering every aspect of the conference's activities so you at home can get an accurate picture of conference life; it is our hope that this site will continue into perpetuity so participants can return to this site and relive their fun NOAC memories.

While visiting the web site, check out some of our new features for this year's web site.  For the very first time we will be producing podcasts with interviews and audio events as well as blogs from Arrowmen attending the conference.  We will also be delivering many articles, more videos, and as always, pictures to remember the conference for years to come. 

Enjoy your visit to the 2006 NOAC Live! Web Site!  And return every day for updates.

Yours in Brotherhood,

Andy Collins
Conference Vice Chief of NOAC Live!

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