The Legend Lives On

NOAC 2006 PatchIn December 2005, section chiefs from across the country gathered in Dallas, Texas, for the annual National Planning Meeting. At the meeting, section chiefs elected new national officers and planned the national conference in the coming year.  The theme for NOAC began in with brainstorming and conceptual design suggestions. The best themes survive the process and eventually, a sound theme receives enough votes and the committees break off into smaller teams to begin their planning with the newly chosen theme. Section chiefs are assigned to conference committees that then select one youth member to be their Conference Vice Chief. 

The 2006 NOAC committees are: American Indian Activities, Camping and High Adventure, TOAP, Communications (Web Site, Newspaper, and Radio), Activities and Recreation, Training, Founders Day, Inductions and Ceremonial Events, Extreme High Adventure, National Council of Chiefs, Region Chief, Shows and Special Events.

After three months of continued planning, conference calls, and e-mails, key conference leadership visited Michigan State University to explore and designate uses for the facilities MSU planned for August--just four months away!  After a tour of the planned campus facilities in the morning, coordination meetings amount the many committees ensued to take planning to the next level of detail. The evening ended with great aspirations for the conference as the Conference Vice Chiefs reported their updated program plans to the assembled leaders.

Eight months after the National Planning Meeting, NOAC is finally here. The efforts of all of the national officers, conference committees, and all staff members. this year's national conference truly demonstrates the spirits brotherhood, cheerfulness and service as "The Legend Lives On".

Revised 8/5/2006

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