Arrowmen Get Rewarded for Participating

Participation AwardThe NOAC Participation Award was designed to encourage Arrowmen to get the most from their conference experience. By attending events, training and other activities, Arrowmen complete requirements for the award. With completion of all requirements, Arrowmen receive a Participation Award which is a pin designed to be worn on the NOAC patch.  Ultimately, the goal of the program is for participants to leave the conference as knowledgeable and committed Arrowmen who will benefit their unit, lodge and community through their NOAC experience.

The requirements to earn the Participation Award are: 

  • Wear your Participant ID during NOAC
  • Attend a religious service of your choice
  • Attend your Sunday training courses
  • Attend your Monday training courses
  • Attend your Tuesday training courses
  • Visit the OA Museum
  • Attend the High Adventure Experience
  • Visit the TOAP area
  • Attend two afternoon activities
  • Attend an afternoon workshop

OA High Adventure