Arrowmen assist in evacuation drill at Spartan Stadium

Operation Service: Spartan Breakout

Operation Service: 150 OA members work with Lansing authorities and MSU staff in an exercise to practice evacuating the Spartan Stadium.

Arrowman performs Grass Dance

American Indian Dances Performed

Arrowmen from all over the country filled the Breslin Student Event Center for The American Indian Events Show Monday night.

Founders Day Parade

Arrowmen Celebrate Founders Day

Ninety-one years ago, Dr. E. Urner Goodman and Col. Carroll A. Edson founded the Order of the Arrow.  On Wednesday at NOAC, our founders were honored with the Founders Day Festival.

Daily Features

BSA Executives Discuss the Future with Arrowmen

During a panel discussion Tuesday at the Kellogg Center, Arrowmen had asked questions about upcoming national functions, including the 2007 World Scout Jamboree and the 2010 National Scout Jamboree. 

Arrowmen Participate in the Grand Hodag

After a busy week at the conference the participants get to chill out at a conference sponsored party. The event consisted of dunking booths, a band, and lots of fresh root beer.

Region Gatherings Build Spirit and Fellowship

The Region Gatherings draw together the lodges of each region for fellowship introduce the region chief and section chiefs, and inspire the members of the lodges.

Adventurers Reunite at NOAC

Participants from the three High Adventure bases reunited at the 2006 NOAC to share their history and to meet old friends.

Founders Day Starts Off Right With Parade

Founders Day is a day to celebrate the origins of our Order, gather for food and fellowship, and end NOAC with a bang. What better way is there to kick off the Founders Day party than with a parade?

Arrowmen Play Goodman Games

Arrowmen come to play at the Goodman Games featuring over 22 games at five different stations.

Founders Day Features A Final Pow Wow

Native American Activities are at the heart of many things Order of the Arrow. At Founders Day a pow wow was held in the old Hockey rink with well over 200 dancers.

Preserving Our Past For The Future

Learn how the Order of Arrow is preserving its exciting 91 years of history, memories and documents. This effort is being led by the Historical Preservation & Archiving  subcommittee of the National Order of the Arrow Committee.

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